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Tour B

Nature, hunting and game keeping

Experience the foerest and its inhabitants, learn about game keeping and discover every part with all your sensens. You can even taky your whole family with you so do not hesistate and come!

And where in the exhibit will you find all this?

The visitors’s route will guide you to the castle corridors, chapel of St. Eustace, botanical hall with interesting wall painting from 16. / 17. century and final room – playroom! Where else would it great to complete the sightseeing tour? Children as well as adults can try there out many activities such as tactile game, pivoting maps of Roštejn’s game preserve, mushroom picker’s basket (connecting the stems and caps of individual mushrooms), and so on.

Duration 30 – 40 min

Self guided type of tour

Entrance fee: 100,-/60,-, family 250,- CZK

Hrad je v současnosti uzavřen. / Castle currently closed.