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Tour A

Hunting lodge across the history

Castles have not only served as residencies or lodges. Get to know the life of a hunting lodge.

Where will I go on my route and what will I see?

The visitor’s route will guide you to the original residential and representational rooms of the castle. You will walk through various historical periods, which had been the most significant ones for the Roštejns’s history. You can expectthat you will be briefly acquitanted with the developement of the castle’s construction and its most famous owners. Yet mainly you will discover the everyday stories which had occured in such a residence.

Duration 50 – 60 min

Guided type of tour

Entrance fee: 150,- / 100,-, family 350,- CZK

Into interiors of the Tour A you can look also thanks this virtual tour.

Hrad je v současnosti uzavřen. / Castle currently closed.